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"Exquisitely Handcrafted Collectible Dolls"

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I would love to hear from you! If you have adopted a baby from me, please send me an email and let me know what you think of your new bundle of joy. I would love to hear from you and post a pic of your favorite photo of him/her in a new outfit here on the website!

Joaquin has been ADOPTED!!
He is going home to Australia!!

Cafe Au Lait mark on his chin and a birthmark on his upper right arm. He is a big boy at 21 1/2" and fits size 3 mo. clothing wonderfully.

 LE Preemie Anthony. See his box opening on my About Me page.   

Cecelia Anri has been adopted!

Thank you!

Testimonial from Cecelia's new mom,

 December 29th, 2014

"I had gotten cecelia anri for christmas from my grandmother surprising me and she is absolutely gorgeous, I cant put her down I love her so much. You did a wonderful job reborning her, here is my favorite collage I made of her and I. :) Thank you very much, she is in good hands. From Tashiana"

eborn Baby Outing with Reactions!! Baby Nira's first Outing and trip to market.

I'd like to introduce everyone to my new baby girl, reborned by me, as my keeper baby. I am totally in love with this little girl. Please welcome          Nira Marie.

I would also like to introduce my other                          keeper baby (also reborned by me                             lol), Joel Metthias. These are my                         precious little babies I created for              myself for Christmas. Please welcome baby     Joel.

Nursery's Featured Thank you comes from Marisa Rocho who adopted baby Kevin below....

 Kevin was born Dec 6, 2017 and before I could list him for adoption, two moms were eager to adopt.
Marisa Rocho and family fell in love and with eager determination, became Kevin's new mom and family. This is the message I received upon his arrival:

"He had made it home!!!! Thank you thank you thank you, he is absolutely perfect!!!"

I was so delighted to know he arrived safely and she was pleased with him. Then, a week later, I received this message:

"I have only recently been in the reborn Facebook groups, which is where I found you. After seeing all these awful scams or people unhappy with there babies I just had to reach out again and say you exceeded any expectation I had!! Thank you again for this gorgeous baby who is being snuggled on left and right."

Thank you so much Marisa for this wonderful note. It truly makes my heart happy to know you had a pleasant experience adopting with me and are enjoying you new baby boy. Many blessings be upon you and your family, Happy New Year!

~Big dolly hugs, Tiondra
All the Christmas babies have been adopted!!! Thank you so much to all the new Moms and Dads who have chosen me to create your beautiful babies. The nursery was bustling with many new creations and I am happy to say, Thanks!!
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!




Reborn Baby News: January 11, 2018

Stay warm and have a safe winter!!

The nursery is currently closed for winter break. More babies coming soon. Reopening Spring 2018

***Important News***

Gentle Reminder that these dolls are very delicate works of art and are intended for Adult Collectors. They are not toys. They are to be handled just as you would a real newborn baby. Please adhere to the care instructions to keep your reborn baby healthy and happy.

Don't forget to always check the Nursery News section for news and details on whats going on in the nursery :)

Mia Naveen Full Body Silicone Baby ~ Silicone paint artist, Tiondra White Rapids

Featured Thank You!


"Good morning, I want to thank you for Sofie, she's so beautiful you did a wonderful job. I never thought a baby doll can look so real. Your art work is amazing. I'm looking forward to working with you again. Thanks again ~Niquita 1/29/17"

Thank you Niquita! So happy your pleased with her, Congratulations!

Embracing Baby's Timeless Moments

Here at My Sweet Papoos Reborn Nursery I pay careful attention to the tiniest details to bring you the most realistic newborn baby doll you can find. I hope you enjoy your visit and maybe one of my babies will capture your heart.

  I also create textured skin upon request. Most babies are now given a smooth protective finish to preserve the beautiful skin tone.

                                   Nettie Mae

A Note From The Artist

Please understand that "adopting" reborn doll is a decision that should not be taken lightly. These dolls are not toys. They are delicate works of art. They are not intended for children but are intended for adult collectors. Creating a beautiful baby doll to add to your family/collection takes many hours to achieve. I am a stickler when it comes to producing the realism you would expect from a quality heirloom doll and will not rush the process. These dolls are intended for adult doll collectors who appreciate the time, artistic talent, and craftsmanship that goes into making one of these newborn babies. It takes a special kind of young lady whom can appreciate these dolls and as a parent (if your buying for a child), only you know if your child is one of them. I understand that there many preteens and young children who want to adopt one of these dolls. Each week I receive emails and messages from young girls inquiring about a doll. I think that is wonderful. I truly appreciate the emails and wonderful comments. Thank you! However, these are not play dolls nor toys. If you are a parent adopting for your young child you must understand that I am not responsible for any damage caused by the improper handling of the doll by your child. These are to be handled with special care just as you would a real newborn baby.

 I use premium quality materials and permanent glues/sealants to ensure baby lasts for many years to come. However, these delicate newborn dolls are not made to withstand constant handling and clothes changing that comes with giving it to a child. Please be sure before you adopt.

Example of my micro-rooted hair.