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Wait List for Spring Babies

Posted by MySweetPapoosNursery on January 30, 2018 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello Nursery Members and Guests!!

     I hope everyone is having a warm and safe winter. I wanted to pop in to let you all know of a new development. I've recently launched my much requested My Sweet Papoos Reborn Nursery page on FB. Since the launch, several interested moms have contacted me to adopt babies. Thank you! However, since the nursery is closed until the weather gets warmer (to safely reborn), I have created a wait list for those who have put in requests (no customs) to adopt. Those on the list will be notified when I have babies available before I post the babies for adoption. I am mentioning this because even though I reopen in the Spring, it may be awhile before I list babies for adoption. Reason being, as babies are 'born', if someone on the wait list adopts baby, there will be no need for a listing. Some also have their own kits they've asked me to reborn for them. This will also affect how soon a baby will be listed for adoption. So, if you'd like to have a sneak peek at new babies I create before listing, contact me via my FB page. I will add your name to the list and confirm.

     When I've finished a baby, if no one on the list would like to adopt, then baby will be listed for adoption. I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit the page and send me a message.

     Thank you for visiting the nursey and I look forward to creating beautiful babies for you!

Peace, love and blessing be upon you :)

Nursery News

Posted by MySweetPapoosNursery on January 11, 2018 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello My Sweet Papoos visitors and friends,

     The nursery is currently closed for the winter break. We will reopen in the Spring or when the tempertures rise and stay at 60 degrees and above. This ensures I can safely begin heat setting paint to create more beautiful bundles of joy.

     I have just launched the My Sweet Papoos Reborn Nursery page on Facebook. It was much requested and I heard you all. Thanks!! Having done so, a wait list is now forming for those who want to be notified when I reopen and more babies are available. If you'd like to be notified when I reopen and the first babies become available for adoption, please visit me on my Facebook page and send me a message. I will add your name to the list and you will be notified accordingly.

Thanks for visiting the nursery!

Peace, Love and Dolly hugs,


Merry Christmas!

Posted by MySweetPapoosNursery on December 8, 2017 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Merry Christmas to All!

     I hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas season. The nursery has been very busy making babies. They have been going home very quickly and that really warms my heart. I have only two babies now who've just been born and are looking to find homes in time for Christmas. These are the last two babies I am making this year. The weather is changing very quickly and that doesn't allow me to anymore time to create these beautiful little treasures. The nursery will be closing for the winter beginning December 20th, 2017 until Spring when the weather warms enough to open windows.

     I thank you all again for adopting my babies and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

May peace, love and good health be with you all!


Baby News

Posted by MySweetPapoosNursery on October 18, 2017 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Good Evening My Sweet Papoos Family,

      Thanks for visiting the nursery and checking what's new. With babies going home and another being born later this week, the nursery has been very busy. I now have one baby boy, Spencer James, available. Baby number four, whom I affectionately call 'my little peanut' will hopefully be born this weekend. She is a beautiful little girl who is patiently waiting for me to give her hair. Please check back for adoption information. I will add that I am on Facebook in a few reborn groups. I do post sneak peeks and the babies' adoptions there. Lately the babies have been getting adopted within minutes of being listed. So if your interested in what groups I belong to, to get the sneak peeks and first shot at adopting these precious little babies, contact me and I'll let you know the names of the groups. Thanks again for visiting and check back often for updates as I give information on upcoming babies here.

Peace and blessings be with you,



Posted by MySweetPapoosNursery on October 17, 2017 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Good Morning My Sweet Papoos Family,

     The nursery has been very busy! Leila was just adopted and will arrive at her new home tomorrow. Spencer was just listed so he is available and Daniel is waiting to have his photo shoot today. I will list his adoption information later today (unless he does like Leila and gets adopted before I can list him ;) ). Also, baby Peanut (she's so cute and I haven't named her yet) will be born by the end of the week. I plan to list her adoption by Fri/Sat. It has been very active here in the nursery and I couldn't be happier. I do have more babies I will be working on as well.

     The Christmas Baby Express custom reservations is now closed. I am totally booked through November and into December right now. If I have an opening before the cut off date, I will reopen the list. I will post the info on the Home page of this website so check back for nursery news.

     I am also very active on Facebook. Many times I do my posting of upcoming babies and listings via the reborn groups and my personal page. check there as well for available babies. That's it for today. Stay in touch for more baby info.

Peace, love and joy be with you!

Christmas is near!

Posted by MySweetPapoosNursery on September 10, 2017 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello Reborn Family!

     I am happy to announce that I have 5 possibly 6 custom baby slots open for Christmas this year. The list is now open and will be thru Nov. 22, 2017. If you would like to order, early is best to ensure baby is nestled safely under the tree on Christmas Eve. If you'd like more information, simply click the "Christmas Customs 2017" tab above. Also feel free to ask questions. Looking forward to creating you beautiful baby for you this season!

Be blessed and dolly hugs!

August 27, 2017

Posted by MySweetPapoosNursery on August 27, 2017 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello Nursery Members and Guests,

     Summer is coming to a close and the air is getting cooler already. Christmas is only four months away! I am currently making babies and they will be available as they are born. I will be focusing on ethnic babies for the time being with fairer skinned babies from time to time. I find I receive many many requests for biracial and AA babies. So I will be working on two by the end of the week. I am still not available for custom orders at this time. Sorry. However, I am choosing the most adorable kits that were made from real newborn babies to bring you the utmost in realism. If you'd like to adopt, check back later this week for an update. Thanks for visiting the nursery, I appreciate you!!

Dolly Hugs!

New Babies July 2017

Posted by MySweetPapoosNursery on June 20, 2017 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello Friends and Reborn Families,

I have two new babies coming this July. Expected due date is mid-July 2017.

Saving the Reborns!!

Posted by MySweetPapoosNursery on February 22, 2016 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello My Sweet Papoos friends and family,

     I wanted to share with you all a disturbing trend that has been happening more and more in the reborn communtiy. While chatting with fellow artists, one brought it to our attention that reborns are being abused. It was very disheartening to hear that this is happening. Here is what was posted by a fellow reborn artist on the subject. It was posted in a reborn doll forum hosted by a reborn doll supply manufacturer:

"I have this customer who bought sweet Eric last month, and she keeps posting pics of him on reborn sites, sharing his daily clothing change and all the other sweetness...She made me his "Godmommy" should anything happen to her...(I do not know her :smile: )) She LOVES this doll. But from the first week he began to morph--like Michael Jackson--losing his color, turning shiny, having his hair plastered strangely and his eyebrows plucked, and eyelashes seemingly pulled out long and glued together or something very weird looking. I was very concerned because I didn't want her telling everyone I made him!!!! He looks horrrrrrible! I was getting ready to say something to her when she brought up the subject yesterday. I am so glad.. I am going to fix him. But I had to kinda give her a lecture on reborn care (she apparently ignored my care sheet). I noticed a lot of the ladies on a particular site were posting pics of their reborn kids with shiny shiny faces and no detail, so I felt compelled to share the following on the page. And below, please see my lovely Eric (Jewel) and what has happened to him!!!! I cannot wait to give him an overhaul, and I will use him as a teaching tool for reborn care. I will post "after" pics in a few weeks.



Recently, one of my customers wrote to say her baby was turning shiny and losing color. I've noticed this on many adopted dolls pictured on reborn sites. They seem to get shinier and shinier and seem to be losing the color and detail that makes them different from regular dolls.

My client is sending her baby back to me for a "hospital stay", where he will have some surgery done--parts removed so i can re-bake him with a re-do of his coloring which has been lost in love <3. He will also get a matte varnish for a new start. Then he will go home to a different way of that will extend his longevity. This is a special case and i personally wanted to redo this baby as he was a favorite and I have seen his "health" failing in photos--your artist cannot generally offer this renewal free of charge (and I couldn't do it twice) so try to prevent the need for such a makeover.


So how do reborns get shiny and lose their color and turn back into dolls?


1) Human oils. This can include the oils you put on your hair and lotions on your skin. It can also be the makeup on your cheek that you hold against your little one for a snuggle; grease on your hands (and mouth) from eating; activators on your hair; argan oil; baby washes with softening agents, grease from eating potato chips... Take a hand-held mirror right now and touch it, press it on your cheek and then kiss another spot on the mirror-- just a peck. All that grease is what goes on your baby.


2) Smoothing creams , activators, baby oil, lotion and conditioners. DO NOT USE THEM! It will get on the baby's skin no matter how you try to keep it on the hair! Your baby cannot tolerate ANY oil whatsoever. You pay good money for a realistic baby that takes an artist many hours to achieve. Oil will ruin it. Period. Use No More Tangles or Just for Me detangler. LIGHTLY. Style and let dry. NO hair spray--alcohol removes the paint.


3) Bathing. Okay, so you figure you can just use gentle soap or water and wash it every day. Wrong. Your reborn is a fantasy art doll, not a baby. We love them so much, but daily routines can go too far. Daily baths with real water and washcloths will take a toll on the artwork. The paints your artist used may be heat-set, as I use. It is permanent, but not iron-clad. It's permanent if you keep it protected. Both heat set and air dry paints can rub off. Most artists like me use a matte varnish coating on top to protect the paint and keep it from dolly shine. If you keep wiping it, it WILL come off--and so will baby's blush, veins and color. Your baby should hardly ever need a water washing. Maybe once a month. Yes only that.


4) Baby powder. No no no! It acts as a microscopic abrasive and actually polishes baby to a shine! Powder the tushie, if it's a cloth body--that's all. If you want that baby smell, buy Wonder Wafers baby scent and stick one in baby's clothes drawer or diaper. It's strong.


5) I've just GOT to add a number 5! DO NOT PULL TIGHT-NECKED CLOTHES OVER BABY'S FACE! This rubs off the paint AND pulls out the lashes!!!


The bottom line in reborn care is this: realize it is an ART doll, not a regular doll, and certainly not a living baby. I wish it wasn't so, but it is. So take pains to protect it. Here are some tips:

* keep baby dressed if you pass her around--in a sleeper, with mittens!

* wash your hands before dressing her, and don't put lotion or oil on yourself until you're done

*kiss her on the head, not the face (sorry frown emoticon )

*don't allow children to play with her. Get them one of the cheap knockoff reborns from China on Ebay.

*Don't stop loving them just because they're delicate. <3

Do this and they will stay beautiful all your lifetime!"

I do hope that this hasn't happened to any of you. Please, if you are a reborn parent, adhere to your care instructions and your reborn will be healthy, happy and looking fantastic for a very long time. Don't let him/her lose their realism.

Thank you so much for reading what's new in the reborn community. Blessings be with you!