My Sweet Papoos Reborn Nursery

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Effective December 1, 2017 adoption fees on standard reborns are
$525 plus $35 to ship within the USA. Babies with a lot of thick hair, belly plates or any other extra will start at $550+

Christmas Baby Express 2017 is now full.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year and many would like a new baby on that special day. I always create babies at this time of year so there will be babies available as they are born. However, If you would like to order a custom baby for yourself or that special loved one, doing so in advance assures baby is nestled safely under the tree in time. This year I have 6 slots available for custom babies this Christmas Season. I urge everyone to contact me as early you know you'd like one as slots have been known to fill up fast. I cannot and will not accept any orders after Thanksgiving. There is just not enough time if ordered later than that week. Again, I will only have a limited number of slots available for Christmas babies and they fill up very quickly. A beautiful reborn baby takes time (about 3 weeks) to create and I would never want to rush the process. It is disheartening to have to tell potential new moms two weeks before Christmas that the list is full and I cannot create their/their loved one's baby in time. No new custom orders will be accepted after November 22nd, 2017. If by chance I still have a slot open, I will post it on the Home page of this website.
Are you ready to adopt?
If you are ready to make that little addition to your family simply contact me via the contact tab above or at [email protected] for information on available babies.

Adoption Fee:
Effective Dec 1, 2017
The base adoption fee (price) of an exquisite My Sweet Papoos Nursery Reborn Doll is $525 for Caucasian babies and $525+ for Ethnic babies. Rooting:  Sorry I do not root extreme thick heads of hair. I will only root thicker than a newborn head of my usual babies. Baby Temperance, shown just below is how thick I root if choosing a thicker head of hair. Belly plates are an additional $75.00

Partial Reborn (limited time only)
$208 for painting of limbs and head only. You request me to paint and I will ship parts back to you for rooting and assembly.
$208 for rooting. I root the painted head only.

Christmas Baby Express list is now full. No longer accepting custom baby orders. Thank you for your orders!
NOTE: Please do not ask me to create a baby like another artist. I will not copy another artists' work. What is seen here on this website is my own style/techniques and what I love to create and offer. I will not copy the artistic interpretation of another artist.
Each Baby arrives home with:
Completed baby, Layette (1 Outfit, 1 Sleeper, 1 Onesie or T-shirt, 1 Pamper, 1 Blanket, 1 Pair socks or 1 Pair Shoes and certificates (birth, authenticity and care instructions).
Magnetic Pacifier,(if kit allows) is also included if kit allows- please note that earth magnets are very strong magnets that can interfere with some electronics, and debit/credit cards.
This limited layette allows me to keep costs and adoption fees down. I'd rather have a beautifully crafted baby girl or boy than skimp on a high quality baby to get lots of things in the box. And besides, isn't it so much fun to shop for baby! If you would like a deluxe box opening of more outfits, I would be happy to provide one for the additional fee of $100 (or whatever amount you choose). Baby brands will be chosen at my discretion to provide the most for your            money.
Shipping Fees

Shipping is $35 on All Babies within the USA.

International shipping is $100.00 (Canada, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and Australia) on
Custom Babies. International parents please allow at least 2 weeks for arrival.

If requesting heavier weighted babies, additional fees will apply as weight affects shipping costs.

                                                       ~~~ALL SALES ARE FINAL~~~

Sorry, I no longer accept payment plans or layaways.

Sleeping Leila

From The Artist
Please understand that ordering a custom reborn doll is a decision that should not be taken lightly. These dolls are not toys. They are not intended for children but are intended for adult collectors. Creating a beautiful baby doll to add to your family takes many hours to achieve. I am a stickler when it comes to producing the realism you would expect from a quality heirloom doll and will not rush the process. These dolls are intended for adult doll collectors who appreciate the time, artistic talent, and craftsmanship that goes into making one of these newborn babies. It takes a special kind of young lady whom can appreciate these dolls and as a parent, only you know if your child is one of them. I understand that there many preteens and young children who want to adopt one of these dolls. Each week I receive emails and messages from young girls inquiring about a doll. I think that is wonderful. I truly appreciate the emails and wonderful comments. Thank you! However, these are not play dolls nor toys. If you are a parent adopting for your young child you must understand that I am not responsible for any damage caused by the improper handling of the doll by your child.  These are to be handled with special care just as you would a real newborn baby.

Thank you for your interest in My Sweet Papoos Reborn Nursery. Have a wonderful day!