My Sweet Papoos Reborn Nursery

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This video is from a happy mom who had adopted LE Preemie Anthony. This is her box opening.

Silicone Babies!

I have painted one full body silicone. This was Mia Naveen and she was my personal baby. I plan to paint more in the future. If you are interested in having me paint your silicone kit, keep posted. Sorry, I do not make full bodied silicone dolls at this time. The above photo is an after pic. She has since been adopted.

I start off each creation with a new blank vinyl kit.

And I bring it to life!

Newborn Artistry

This art is called by many "reborning" . However,  the art has come a long way. More and more artists do not strip down dolls anymore. So I like to call what I do "newborning". You see, I work from a new blank kit and not a factory made doll. I do not strip down and redo factory made dolls. I create my bundles of joy brand new each time.  The process is long but very rewarding. Painting can take up to four days (and sometimes more for ethnic tones) to create a realistic skin tone. Micro rooting a beautiful head of hair can take as long as 30-40 hours. Some have done it faster but I believe in quality, not quantity. I want to be sure my new Moms (and sometimes Dads), fall in love when they receive their new bundle of joy.


OARB is for Original Artist Reborn Baby. You can be sure that each and every baby I create is brought to life with great care, attention to detail and dedication to bring you the most lifelike handcrafted ooak reborn/newborn doll. Never will any of my babies be the same as any other. Please do not as me to recreate a previous baby. Each one must remain unique to each mommy who has adopted him/her. Also each one is created uniquely by mixing my own mix of paints new for each new baby being created. It would be impossible to get a copy of the same kit. So when looking to adopt your next bundle of joy to add to your family, be sure to look for a OARB baby. This will ensure you are adopting from a genuine reborn nursery and not a commercial factory.

Exquisitely Handcrafted Heirloom Quality Collectible Reborn Dolls

 Welcome to my nursery. My name is Tiondra White Rapids and I am the artist here at My Sweet Papoos Reborn Nursery. Exquisitely handcrafted reborn baby dolls are highly sought after by the discernible collector. Here at My Sweet Papoos Reborn Nursery, I create lifelike dolls that feel and look so real, you will expect them to take a breath. Whether baby is sleeping peacefully or looking dreamily into your eyes, my sweet baby boys and girls are sure to tug at your tender heartstrings.

I take great care in creating the most realistic newborn doll. Paying special attention to each and every precious crease, fold, and wrinkle. The resulting realism is delightfully captivating. When gazing at a beautiful newborn baby, he/she inspires us to nurture them with love and tenderness. What a wonderful feeling it would be to hold such a little baby everyday!

Here in the nursery, I create such cuddly and alluring little treasures. Reborn baby dolls. African American, Biracial, Caucasian, Ethnic or Hispanic, I create them here. Using the finest premium quality materials and the most exquisite mohair, I bring the ordinary vinyl to life. No sand, rocks, dirt or other organic material is ever used in the making of my babies.

All my babies are unique, Over time I have developed my own style and techniques. When I am not working on a custom ordered baby, I have my own vision during the creation process as to how each baby will look. Please do not ask me to make a baby like this artist or that one. It is insulting and I will not copy another artist's work. When rooting the hair, and lashes, I root 1-2 strands at a time. All is done with the utmost care to bring you the artistic excellence you expect and deserve when adopting a reborn baby.

Thank you for your interest in and visiting My Sweet Papoos Reborn Nursery, a place to adopt exquisitely crafted heirloom quality collectible reborn dolls.

If you would like to know what new moms have said about adopting my babies, you may visit the home page or my Testimonials page. There you can read the feedback I received from very happy moms via email, on eBay and/or


I would love to hear from you! I now post listings in my Etsy shop or on and I find I don't get to hear feedback from you. If you have adopted a baby from me, please send me an email and let me know what you think of your new bundle of joy. I would love to hear from you and post a pic or two of your favorite photos of him/her in a new outfit here on the website!