My Sweet Papoos Reborn Nursery

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Adoption fees on standard reborns are
$525 plus $35 to ship within the USA. Babies with a lot of thick hair, belly plates or any other extra will cost extra depending on the kit and hair.

Sorry, no custom orders at this time.

Christmas custom baby reservations now open Sept 1st, 2018 thru Thanksgiving.
Spots are limited.

Christmas Custom Baby Ordering

 The world of Reborn Dolls is a art form that is admired and respected by many as it requires a talented artist to create a life like doll. These dolls capture the innocence and realism of a real newborn baby.  I am very honored you have stopped by to view this page. It tells me you have seen my work and are considering me to create a beautiful newborn for you. I am blessed to have this talent and will try to make this a most pleasant experience for you and your family.

Christmas Baby Slots/Reservations
Christmas is such a wonderful time of year and many would like a new baby on that special day. I always create babies at this time of year so there will be babies available as they are born. However, If you would like to order a custom baby for yourself or that special loved one, please do so in advance. I will announce in August when and how many custom slots will be available for the Christmas Season reservation. I urge everyone to contact me as early you know you'd like one as slots have been known to fill up fast. I cannot and will not accept any orders after Thanksgiving. There is just not enough time if ordered later than that week. Again, I will only have a limited number of slots available for Christmas babies and they fill up very quickly. A beautiful reborn baby takes time (about 2 weeks) to create and I would never want to rush the process. It is disheartening to have to tell potential new moms two weeks before Christmas that the list is full and I cannot create her/their loved one's baby in time. No new custom orders will be accepted after Thanksgiving Day.

Are you ready to begin?
If you are ready to make that little addition to your family simply contact me via the contact tab above or at [email protected] and we can begin. The questionnaire is simply a way for me to get to know what it is your looking for in your dream baby. It helps insure you will be fully delighted and content with the baby of your dreams.

Adoption Fee
The base adoption fee (price) of an exquisite Custom Reborn Doll is $600 and up. Darker skin toned babies are more due to the extra time it takes to achieve a darker complexion. Rooting: Sorry. I do not root extreme thick heads of hair. I will only root thicker than a newborn head of my usual babies. Feel free to view my photo section to get an idea how thick I root my baby's hair.  Belly plates are an additional $75.00

PLEASE NOTE:  I will not copy another artists' work. I do not create babies like another artist's work. What is seen here on this website is my own style/techniques and what I love to create and offer. I will not copy the artistic interpretation of another artist.

The Custom Baby price includes:
Completed baby, Layette (1 Outfit, 1 Sleeper, 1 Onesie or T-shirt, 1 Pamper, 1 Blanket, 1 Pair socks or 1 Pair Shoes and certificates (birth, authenticity and care instructions).
Magnetic Pacifier,(if kit allows) is also included - please note that earth magnets are very strong magnets that can interfere with some electronics, and debit/credit cards.
I require a non-refundable deposit of $200  AND the completed answers to the questionnaire must be returned to me before ordering or any work begins.
Supplies will not be ordered until the deposit is paid in full and we have gone over the questionnaire. This is to insure we are on the same page with what you want in your dream baby. This deposit will be deducted from the full price of the baby. It is part of the total cost of the doll. ie. You order a Caucasian reborn for $600, you pay deposit of $200, your remaining balance of $400 is due by baby's due date ). Final balance must be paid within 24 hours of receiving final invoice (or reminder if paying on same invoice as deposit). A custom reborn baby usually takes about two weeks to complete.

“The “Pregnancy"
This is the time when you and I will discuss your questionnaire answers and review sculpts.
A word on choosing a sculpt/kit: Some kits are made out of a softer vinyl than others. Some refer to this vinyl as 'silicone vinyl'. Some vinyl kits can obtain more details in the baby’s appearance. There are certain sculptors that use manufacturers that create the softer molds. The Realborn line of sculpts by Bountiful Baby retains amazing details in their sculpts as they are 3D printed from scans of real newborn babies. I tend to use them exclusively for this reason.  Although, you are free to choose whatever sculpt you'd like.
During the pregnancy you will also receive via email, photos of your baby’s progress. This is to be sure the pregnancy is going well and you are happy with the progress of your baby. I mix the paints of each baby for each individual baby I make. No two babies are ever created the same. I do not follow any set instructions, tutorials, or any other “one size fits all” standard set of paints. I mix all my own paints and each one is tailored to the present baby being created. Just like each real baby in a mother’s womb is unique, so will your baby be a unique bundle of joy tailored to your specifications. Each one is an original creation, truly unique and never duplicated to be exactly like your baby.
During this time you will choose the details of your custom reborn doll and choose your “Due Date“. If you are new to the reborn world, no worries. Ask as many questions as need be and I will be happy to help you. We will go through the creation process carefully. You choose the gender, racial skin tone, eye color (for awake babies), hair color and texture, baby’s age (just born, newborn, or older newborn), body type and finally the baby’s name.

I’m sorry but I do not make toddlers nor full body silicone dolls at this time.

Please do understand that while you choose the details of your reborn (eye color, hair color, etc.) the artistic vision of your baby is my own. There is no standard of artistic interpretation in this art form. I will need freedom to create and bring your baby to life. Otherwise since I cannot be inside a potential mother’s head to see what her vision is, there will be constant revision and tweaking that cannot be satisfied. I will use your choices and my artistic eye to ensure your baby’s skin tone, hair color and eye color all harmonize to give a beautiful life like newborn baby. Your satisfaction and contentment is my priority. I am flexible and will work with you to produce the most realistic doll I can.
If you have any special requests to add, simply note it on the questionnaire. I will let you know if I can accommodate your request. Additional fees may apply if work has begun, been approved by you and you decide to change it.

Due Date
This is the date you need baby to be completed and/or ready for shipping.

Unforeseen circumstances do arise, I understand. If you do not let me know and I do not receive a response nor make your payment, you are risking losing your doll. Baby will not be shipped until the final payment is made in full. If you have a certain date that you need to have the baby delivered by please plan accordingly and allow time for creation. I will then work with you to have it ready. Example: If you need a reborn baby for Christmas it is good to contact me no later than Thanksgiving (when list opens is ideal) with the questionnaire answers and deposit. This allows plenty of time for me and you without the stress of whether or not it will be delivered on time.

Terms for all Custom Reborn Orders

I accept Paypal, debit/credit card payments (via Paypal) and Postal Money Orders (If making payments during the creation process/pregnancy) at this time. Ask me for more information. Cash only if paying in person.
*All deposits are non-refundable*
Supplies will not be ordered until the completed questionnaire has been returned to me and we have gone over/confirmed all answers.
I offer a $100.00 discount on multiple orders of full custom reborns if ordered at the same time.
Once the total or balance is paid in full and cleared, your baby will begin his/her journey to you within the next 2 business days of  his/her Due Date.
Due to the specificity of custom work on your doll, There are absolutely No Returns/Refunds on Custom Dolls or Partial Custom Reborns

~Be sure you want to adopt before you order~


Shipping Fees

Shipping is $35 on Standard Babies within the USA.

Non-Custom Adoption Fee:
The base adoption fee (price) of an exquisite My Sweet Papoos Nursery Reborn Doll is $525 for Caucasian babies and $525+ for Ethnic babies.
Rooting:  Sorry I do not root extreme thick heads of hair. I will only root thicker than a newborn head of my usual babies. Baby Leila, shown just below is how thick I root if choosing a thicker head of hair. Belly plates are an additional $75.00 and will be reflected in price of baby on listing.

Payment Plans and Lay A Ways

If you would like a Layaway or Payment Plan option, please use PayPal's 'Bill Me Later' or a monthly payment plan through your credit card company via PayPal. If you are new to this method, contact PayPal for more information.

NOTE: Please do not ask me to create a baby like another artist. I will not copy another artists' work. What is seen here on this website is my own style/techniques and what I love to create and offer. I will not copy the artistic interpretation of another artist. If you are new to reborn babies/dolls, know  that this  is frowned upon in the reborn community.
Each Baby arrives home with clothing seen in photos unless otherwise stated in listing. This keeps the price of  the adoption fee down. Most parents like to shop for baby on their own rather than pay a higher price for the baby. This ensures an exquisitely handcrafted, high quality doll for a great price!

Each baby also comes with birth certificate, certificate of authenticity(ies), care instructions and
Magnetic Pacifier,(if kit allows). Please note that earth magnets are very strong magnets that can interfere with some electronics, and debit/credit cards.
Why not more stuff in the box opening?
The limited layette allows me to keep costs and adoption fees down. I have found that many would rather have a beautifully crafted baby girl or boy than skimp on a high quality baby to get lots of things in the box. Many have told me it's so much fun to shop for baby!
Shipping Fees:
Shipping is $35 on All Babies within the USA.
International shipping is $100.00 (Canada, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and Australia). Customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer.
International parents, please allow at least 2 weeks for arrival.

If requesting heavier weighted babies, additional fees will apply as weight affects shipping costs.

                                                       ~~~ALL SALES ARE FINAL~~~

Sorry, I no longer accept payment plans.

Sleeping Leila

From The Artist
Please understand that ordering a custom reborn doll is a decision that should not be taken lightly. These dolls are not toys. They are not intended for children but are intended for adult collectors. Creating a beautiful baby doll to add to your family takes many hours to achieve. I am a stickler when it comes to producing the realism you would expect from a quality heirloom doll and will not rush the process. These dolls are intended for adult doll collectors who appreciate the time, artistic talent, and craftsmanship that goes into making one of these newborn babies. It takes a special kind of young lady whom can appreciate these dolls and as a parent, only you know if your child is one of them. I understand that there many preteens and young children who want to adopt one of these dolls. Each week I receive emails and messages from young girls inquiring about a doll. I think that is wonderful. I truly appreciate the emails and wonderful comments. Thank you! However, these are not play dolls nor toys. If you are a parent adopting for your young child you must understand that I am not responsible for any damage caused by the improper handling of the doll by your child.  These are to be handled with special care just as you would a real newborn baby.

Thank you for your interest in My Sweet Papoos Reborn Nursery. Have a wonderful day!